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We provide simple for your Personal website.

Pixtem - Quick pages configuration

Quick pages configuration.

Our admin panel engine is designed specifically to make it simple for you in using it. We have provided some standard Page menu options for you to choose and apply onto your Personal website. Even without programming skills, you can manage - display and hide - any page you want easily.
Pixtem - Easy content management

Easy content management.

Every content - text, image - you need to edit, update, delete within your personal website can easily be done with our practical admin panel. All you need to do is just logging into your account and manage each content you need to make or change.
Pixtem - Create your personal gallery

Create your personal gallery.

Your Personal website in Pixtem will have gallery feature where you can easily put and display your portfolio or other current work pieces for visitors to view. It could be your beautiful writings, lovely photographs, or any piece of work for showcase.

Update news about you.

You can use ‘News’ feature in your Personal website to post opinion or information related to you, or if you’re an enterprise, it can be used for updating news about your institution. Gives your visitors more chance to get to know you or your enterprise better.
Pixtem - Update news about you
Pixtem - Adjust site navigation

Adjust site navigation.

With Pixtem’s admin panel system, we allow you to freely and easily adjust the navigation of menus you put on your website. You can also change the link name of each navigation menu you have, for example, you can change About Us into Know Our History.

Template style customization.

Surely you would like to have a nice-looking website and also stands out from other similar sites, especially ones that use same template with you do. Besides from your own profile and content in your site, each Pixtem design template allows you to customize its style and look freely.

We provide our users with feature to customize the style of design template you’re using so it can have personal look-and-feel. Personalize your site from its font, color, background, etc easily, even without web design skill!
Pixtem - Template style customization
Pixtem - Blast your newsletter

Blast your newsletter.

Any visitor can subscribe to your Personal website in Pixtem with their email addresses. That’s why we provide you with ‘Newsletter’ feature of which you can use to blast news updates, greetings or event invitations right into the inbox of their email accounts.

Utilize the newsletter feature in your Personal website as optimal as you can. Remember that your site’s visitors or members will always appreciate when you blast something of value to them in your newsletter.

Social networks & sharing.

Nowadays, most people share and get latest information from their friends via social media. We understand this as a need for our users; therefore, we provide the easy-sharing feature of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks onto your Personal site so your visitors can share anytime.
Pixtem - Social networks & sharing
Pixtem - SEO-friendly website

SEO-friendly website.

Search engine is undoubtedly important for people who will search for and find your website at the first time. Your Personal website in Pixtem is equipped with search engine optimization feature, so the more you maximize content in your website, the better your search rank will appear to visitors.

Insightful site analytics.

Every Personal website you create with Pixtem will be equipped with web analytics feature where you can gain data, such as daily traffic to your website, site referrers your visitors come from, etc. All this statistics will give you insightful view for better understanding of your target audience.
Pixtem - Insightful site analytics
Pixtem - Free Domain

Free Domain.

For a credible online representation on your website, you surely also need a domain name related to you or your enterprise. With every purchase of one Pixtem’s price plan, we give you a free domain with some extensions (.com, .org, .net, .info, .us) you can choose from based on availability.
Pixtem - Reliable hosting

Reliable hosting.

You do not have to worry about any technicalities regarding hosting of your Personal website in Pixtem because we have taken care of it. Partnering with acclaimed hosting company in the world, we give you the reliable and safe hosting for your Personal website in Pixtem.
Pixtem - Get support

Get support.

Whether it’s your first time in using Pixtem or you have a problem you need to consult about your Personal website, you can always find troubleshooting articles at our Support Center, or simply send a ticket, call or chat with our friendly Support team.
Pixtem - Security & backup

Security & backup.

Besides certified secure system we provide, we also do periodic back up to keep data of your Personal website in Pixtem. This is meant to anticipate accidental event that might cause you losing your data. In such case, worry not, we always can return your data as per our last backup.
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