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Everything you need to manage your online store.

Pixtem - Product details creation

Product details creation.

With Pixtem E-Commerce platform, you can simply add or update any product into your online store. You can also put in details like product description, its price and available stock, and label or categorize each of them so your customers can easily find it.
Pixtem - Adding product options

Adding product options.

To make it simple if you have several varieties for one product you’re selling in your store, we give you Product Option feature. Here, you can create or add variants to your product, such as its colors, sizes, materials, etc, so your customers have options.
Pixtem - Smart inventory system

Smart inventory system.

With our e-commerce system, you can directly change stock of your store’s any product from admin panel. Our smart inventory system will also help you in updating each product stock when a customer buys it, cancels transaction or return it under some circumstances.

Orders list management.

Every order made by a customer or a guest checking out from your online store will be automatically get saved dan listed in order directory with all its information. In this directory, you can also update status of customer’s payment or shipping you do anytime.
Pixtem - Orders list management
Pixtem - Customer info directory

Customer info directory.

Every visitor who signs up and shops in your online store will automatically be kept within customer directory in your admin panel. In this directory, you can view and update database of any customer you have like their personal information or order history.

Payment method preference.

As the online store owner, we provide you with couple options of payment method, such as Paypal, credit card, custom one like bank transfer, of which you can set for your customer’s checkout.
Pixtem - Payment method preference
Pixtem - Shipping preference setting

Shipping preference setting.

With Pixtem E-Commerce platform, you can easily set any shipping preference you do for your online store’s customers. You can decide it based on destinations you want to serve, tag any tariff based on product’s weight or price, and have more than one shipping service.

Tax charge setting.

For some online store owners from certain countries, tax could be a necessary element. We provide your online store with Tax setting where you can put any tax fee to product purchase or your shipping service. It can be set accordingly to customer’s origin country’s tax rate.
Pixtem - Tax charge setting
Pixtem - Give discount voucher

Give discount voucher.

Every customer likes discount. You can create special discount promo to your store’s customers on certain occasions with our Voucher feature. You can set how much is the price cut you want to give, its valid period and voucher availability, and simply share it to them.
Pixtem - Content management

Content management.

Any content (text, image) you need to edit, update, delete from your online store can easily be done with our practical admin panel.
Pixtem - Navigation setting

Navigation setting.

You can freely and easily adjust the navigation of menus you put on your website and also change the link name of each navigation menu on your online store.
Pixtem - Customize store design

Customize store design.

Online store owner can simply customize the style of design theme you’re using so it can have personal look-and-feel, from font, color, background, etc to attract customers.
Pixtem - Social network sharing

Social network sharing.

We provide the easy-sharing feature of Facebook, Twitter and other social media onto your online store so customers can share products they like to their peers.
Pixtem - Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization.

Your Pixtem online store in is equipped with search engine optimization feature; it gives you chance to maximize your search rank to be more prominent.
Pixtem - Web analytics system

Web analytics system.

Your e-commerce website created with Pixtem has its own web analytics system where you can see data like traffic to your store, product page most visited by customers, etc.
Pixtem - Free Domain

Free Domain.

For a credible online representation on your website, you surely also need a domain name related to you or your enterprise. With every purchase of one Pixtem’s price plan, we give you a free domain with some extensions (.com, .org, .net, .info, .us) you can choose from based on availability.
Pixtem - Reliable hosting

Reliable hosting.

You do not have to worry about any technicalities regarding hosting of your Personal website in Pixtem because we have taken care of it. Partnering with acclaimed hosting company in the world, we give you the reliable and safe hosting for your Personal website in Pixtem.
Pixtem - Get support

Get support.

Whether it’s your first time in using Pixtem or you have a problem you need to consult about your Personal website, you can always find troubleshooting articles at our Support Center, or simply send a ticket, call or chat with our friendly Support team.
Pixtem - Security & backup

Security & backup.

Besides certified secure system we provide, we also do periodic back up to keep data of your Personal website in Pixtem. This is meant to anticipate accidental event that might cause you losing your data. In such case, worry not, we always can return your data as per our last backup.
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