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Working at Pixtem comes with wonderful team, fun workplace, and great benefits for you.
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What you’ll find at Pixtem?

At Pixtem, we are a team of young fresh-minded people who strive for creativity and innovation. Each and every team member at Pixtem is passionate in their work and aspired to make Pixtem as one of the best web services there is. Don’t worry, in our cozy and fun workplace, you work hard, you can also play for a break!

Whom do we seek?

Talented candidates who are hard working, dedicated, passionate in their job, and surely a team player. We also look for ones with enthusiasm in contributing to development of ideas for the improvement of better Pixtem. If you have the qualities we mention here and interested in Pixtem, join us!

Working for us is fun that comes with good benefits.

Pixtem - work equipment

Work equipments.

To support our team’s productivity, we provide good equipments for work and communication tools as you need.
Pixtem - annual leave

Annual leave.

We understand that sometimes you need a break from routines to refresh your mind. We give sufficient annual leave quota for holidays.
Pixtem - health incentive

Health incentive.

We are aware that health is most important aspect for our employee. We provide good health incentive for you every year.
Pixtem - meal and transport allowance

Meal & transport allowance.

As addition to our company’s responsibility, aside from basic salary, you will also get daily meal and transportation allowance.

Education support.

We are happy if employee is motivated to gain more knowledge or skill regarding your job; therefore, we give own incentive for relevant courses or training you want to take.
Pixtem - playroom

Play room.

“Work hard, play hard” they say. Yes, our fun office has a play room for your break to play console game, board games, or watch a film with colleagues.

Open Positions

Interested in joining our team but your qualifications don’t suit any open position above? Email us at jobs@pixtem.com!